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Ms. Claire is a Child Development Worker in our Blossoms classroom, who graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2009 from the Philippines and proceeded to work as a nurse for 1 1/2 years. In 2011 she decided to work abroad for 5 years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with close college friends. In Riyadh, Ms. Claire worked as a nurse in Obstetrics, a postnatal and neonatal ward at Security Forces Hospital, a government facility. In 2016 she moved back to the Philippines to give birth to her daughter Ellie and became a stay at home mother.

Ms. Claire has been working in Childcare for over a year after arriving from the Philippines in June 2018. On arrival, she proceeded to complete her childcare level 2 certificate, after which she obtained a teaching position with Wee Wild Ones in the Blossom's room at the NE location. Often on the weekends, you can find Ms. Claire working in Bethany Care society as a health care aid. "I am thankful I can still work in the medical field while I am processing my nursing licence here."

Ms. Claire explained that she chose Wee Wild Ones because it was "the perfect feel"- "From the interview up until now. We are so blessed to be here. Every day is, take your kid to work day!" 

Ms. Claire begins her day at 7 in the morning, waking up her daughter Ellie to prepare for the day at Wee Wild Ones. While her husband Eugene makes their lunches, she helps her daughter get ready as they all leave the house together. As she arrives at the centre, she and her co-workers begin the day by preparing the room for the children to come. 

During drop-off, Ms.Claire and her co-workers warmly greet the parents and update them on the day ahead.

There is an organized flow to the day, as the educators in the Blossoms room work harmoniously to feed, clean, and plan activities with the children, all while maintaining warm and loving smiles. 


The children take nature walks throughout the day, those who are not yet walking are prepped in their strollers while others are gingerly guided by hand to a nearby park.


The educators walk in unison as they chat and giggle with the children; some sing songs; others talk sweetly to excite the children as they enjoy the fresh outdoors.


Ms. Claire describes the outdoor explore time as her favourite part of the day.


The educators prep an area with various toys and activities for the children to enjoy. Often times, other classrooms will be enjoying the same play space.


"They are all happy outside! Plus sometimes I see Ellie outside; she loves to play with the babies when we are outside."


The children from the Sunshine's approach the Blossoms, they yelp with excitement at the chance to play with the babies.


Ms. Claire cleans a fruit off the tree for a child


Ms. Claire gently helps a child blow his nose


Ms. Claire describes the most rewarding part of her job as an educator is "Seeing the children grow into a toddler. It is so amazing how they change and even more rewarding when you know how to handle those changes time after time."


Since early August Ms. Claire's husband has joined the facility as an Early Childcare Educator at Wee Wild Ones. 

"At first, I thought it would be awkward. This is the first time we are working in the same place, but it turned out to be great. I realized how amazing it was for Ellie to see us both throughout the day." Says Ms. Claire.


When asked why Ms. Claire and her family chose to join us at Wee Wild Ones; she said, "I want Ellie to grow up with nature like we did back in the Philippines. We climb trees, play in the mud and hunt for spiders and bugs."

With her family back home, the hardship of not having her parents involved in their daughter’s life is challenging and sometimes sad; however, she is thankful she came to Canada. "I think we are still adjusting to life here, but we have great friends, and being at Wee Wild Ones where everyone is supportive makes it easier.

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