Halloween Week

To us here at WWO, Halloween is a time to explore our creative, magical and adventurous side. Halloween lasts all week long, as educators take advantage of every opportunity to encourage children to explore new activities around creativity and self-expression.

We encourage children and educators to dress up all week. The tradition of dressing up on Halloween stems from Europe, where the ancient Celtics wore masks during harvest festivals to hide from spirits.

Evolving from that tradition, we use dress up as a way to allow children to express their individuality and creativity, from princesses and princes, to ghosts and witches. We saw all sorts of creative and unique costumes leading up to the 31st.

Educators created amazing activities based on the children's interests. Some made mindfulness pumpkins, exploring our emotions and feelings, pushing and pulling different materials into our pumpkins to make happy or sad faces.

Others hammered and pushed items into different pumpkins and squashes, allowing children to explore and develop their fine motor skills.

Multiple Halloween themed sensory tables were made from green ghoul spaghetti to pumpkin seed water tables.

A tuff table was used to create an invitation for learning for children to scoop, push and pour different materials.

One classroom cleaned out their pumpkin and baked the seeds to eat as a snack.

Some children painted and glued, coloured and cut, and at every turn, there was Halloween fun!

When the day finally came for the Halloween bash, the children and educators did not disappoint. With Woody and Buzz and dinosaurs galore, we had a wild time and a cuteness overload. Check out all the fantastic costumes above and stay tuned for our next blog!

Wee Wild Ones