Tuesday August 21st was a special day around here. The skies cleared (literally) and we were able to enjoy the fresh air for the first time since the smoke settled in over the Calgary skyline. 

And what was waiting for all of the Wee Wild Ones you wonder? None other than Calgary's own Butterfield Acres Petting Zoo! The children were greeted by bunnies, chicks, goats, sheep and two little piglets. 

All the classes took turns going out to spend time with the animals, giving these city dwellers the chance to experience life on the farm. Did you know that it was more than just fun? Studies have shown than exposing children to farm animals has many positive benefits such as promoting healthy living, hands on, sensory and exploratory learning, language development, and an increased appreciation for nature. 

Special thanks to Butterfield Acres for bringing the farm to us and for doing such a great job to teach the children about the different animals - it could have been a zoo, but it went off without a kick thanks to the great staff. 

Wee Wild Ones