This year valentine’s day offered us a big dose of love; with two of our little wild ones getting hitched!

Hugo and Bridget were engaged last week and tied the knot on this most special day.

Our Sunshine room was so excited to share their special day with them. Bridget wore a lovely gown provided by her parents and Hugo was in a strapping white outfit.

She walked down the aisle to here comes the bride and they shared their first dance to a lovely valentine’s day song.

We had bridesmaids and celebrated with cake and decorations.  Ms Leah, Ms Shawn; Ms Rose & Ms Irma all took the time to decorate the room for the ceremony and ensure the children were all involved and engaged in the ceremony.

The whole center congratulated them on their big day and the teachers were treated to some love of their own with a special treat of a rose and candies from our Directors.

On behalf of Wee Wild Ones and Of The Wild, we encourage the children to always be kind to one another on all days not just Valentines day.


Wee Wild Ones