Our preschoolers conducted a fascinating science experiment during our Arctic animals week! The preschoolers tested to see if fur or blubber keeps Arctic and Antarctic animals warmer.

To do this the teachers created ziploc sandwich bag mittens to place into cold ice water.  The mittens were filled with either Crisco to simulate blubber or fluff to simulate fur. They then put their hands into the mittens while they were submerged in ice water to feel for themselves which kept their hands warmest.

The preschoolers concluded that the blubber kept their hands much warmer in the ice water! Hence why our Arctic water dwelling animal friends have blubber.

The experiment is fun and quick to do at home with kids! Here is how:

Take one ziploc sandwich bag and put a couple of spoonfuls of crisco into it, then take another ziplock bag, turn it inside out, and place it inside the first bag, then zip it together. You can also tape the top to keep it together if necessary. Follow the same steps and use cotton balls instead of crisco to make the fur. Try not to fill the bag with too many cotton balls.

Next, fill a bucket or large bowl with cold water and ice, then put your hands in the mitts, and put them in the ice water. Be careful not to put them in so far that the water goes into the mitts. 

Have fun!

Wee Wild Ones