This Spring we will be welcoming the Day Care of Hope into our studio!

Yesterday evening, we here at Wee Wild Ones hosted an open house for all the families coming over from the Day Care of Hope. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and show off our beautiful new space! All of us here are looking forward to new staff, new children, and new families! 

This will be a wonderful opportunity for us to grow, offer more services, and learn from the experience of our new team members.

Moving to, or starting at, a new child care facility can be nerve racking for children as well as parents! So here are a few tips to help make big changes into a big smile on your wee wild ones face:

1. Give your little one a family picture to hold and look at during their first day.

2. Bring your child in to meet their new teachers and explore the new space.

3. Plan something fun to do as a family after their first day.

4. Make sure to say good-bye during drop off - it is best to not sneak away. You can even create your own good bye routine.

5. Find a familiar face, children may recognize other children they have played with from their previous classroom.

Wee Wild Ones