This weekend 10 incredible humans came together to become certified children’s yoga instructors– but they left with a whole lot more than just a teaching certificate.

They left with a new found sense of self, purpose and with a whole lot of love.
The thing I love about our training’s are that we don’t just sit around reading and and we definitely don’t try to stuff a bunch of knowledge into people’s heads- instead, we move right to the source: The Heart! (because that’s where all the magic comes from) We focus on the foundation of what makes great teachers: the teachers themselves. The rest of the learning always falls into place after that.
We had to pull up our socks and do some serious digging, but it’s amazing what you will find when you are willing to be vulnerable.
Before we got silly, we got right into the nitty gritty. We dove deep into the history and philosophy of yoga and uncovered our limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are those yucky inner thoughts that hold us back, that keep us trapped or stuck or out of touch with our best selves.
Once we were able to get real about what was holding us back, it was full speed ahead. Through movement, sharing and questions, we were able to build a real authentic foundation.

Dr. Jennifer Teasdale led an informative and hands-on anatomy portion of the training. 
And from there? We taught!  (and laughed too! …we always support the giggles in teacher training!)
I feel so honored to have worked with such a bold, diverse and creative group! By the end of the weekend they were teaching more than just downward facing dogs and forward folds. They were teaching authenticity, connection and self-love. They were teaching Yoga. Because that’s what yoga is: Connection.
Look out world! You just landed yourself 10 incredible teachers- and they are going to change you in the best possible way! 
Next Training: June 16th-18th 2017

Wee Wild Ones