Our yoga teaching, outdoor enthusiast, and hockey loving Ms Lindsay is bringing Mindfully Me into the schools! 

Every week students get to learn and participate in gentle stretching, yoga, mindful meditations, and self-reflection. Through these practices and activities kids are building their skills and abilities for focus, dealing with difficult life situations with healthier emotional responses, and self care.

We could all learn to show more kindness and compassion to ourselves as well as others. And Ms Lindsay is one of our many teachers who is helping to bring more love into the world by teaching kids effective strategies for better choices.

We asked Ms Lindsay, 'what feeds your love of teaching?'

Knowing that we can make a difference in the lives of theses little kiddos is very rewarding! Helping them grow and learn is so fun to watch, knowing that they are learning about being present and mindful at such a young age is amazing! I learn new things from them everyday .

Wee Wild Ones