We wanted to share one of our favourite crafts that we do with the wee wild ones at our studio. 
Homemade Pinecone Bird Feeders


This is a perfect opportunity to go on a nature walk with your wee wild ones to collect the pinecones. The larger the better! 
The key to crafting with kids is to be organized before you start. Place the bird feed & nut/seed butter on two separate plates. Start by using the popsicle stick to spread the nut/seed butter on the pinecone. Once you have enough nut/seed butter that the bird feed will stick to the pinecone, start rolling the pinecone onto the bird feed to fully cover it. Tie some twine to the top and Voila! You have your Homemade Pinecone winter bird feeder.
Grab those winter jackets and head outside through your community to tie them onto the trees. Be sure that you try to have one feeder close to a window so you can watch the birds. This is a great way to enjoy your family adventures through the winter. Check the feeders while on your walks to see if the birds are eating the food. Be sure to replenish them when needed.  Check out your local library and see if you can research which birds are in your area. Happy bird watching!
Enjoy watching the birds this winter, and don't forget to replenish the feeder once it's all done!

Wee Wild Ones