Our learning philosophy stems from The Reggio Emilia approach to teaching and learning where children’s interests and questions are the focus of our explorations together. Music is a critical ‘‘building block’’ in early childhood curriculum (Fehr 2011) and musical experiences in the early years are valued for both aesthetic and cognitive merit (Bresler 2002). We have seen first hand this development with our Wee Wild Ones during their weekly music classes with Ms. Carly. It is this interest and development in music that prompted us at Wee Wild Ones to plan a field trip to the new National Music Centre Studio Bell. During this outing, the children were able to experience a variety of new and exciting ways to interpret and understand music

“Our Journey” as the children said, began with a walk to the C-train. With our wonderful educators and parent volunteers, we had a great team leading the children with the buddy system and their fancy vests to the train.

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As we made our way through the C-train and into the city, we practiced teamwork patience and safety.

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As we arrived at Studio Bell, we were all tingling with excitement. After a quick orientation on manners and safety by the fantastic staff, we were whisked off to the Sound Effects room where there was a special treat! Evan, an organist, agreed to play us various sounds from popular children’s movies. In doing this, we learned that music comes from us, and we each have a unique voice. We each hear and think about sound in a unique way. Thank you, Evan.

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After the amazing performance we moved on to the 4th floor that was filled with musical instruments that the children were able to play with to help discover their voice. This was the most thrilling room as the children made their own music to the tune of their own drum.

Jam session was exhausting, so time for a quick break


Moving down to the 3rd floor, we experienced sound in connection with the body and the brain. We listened to various tones, pitches and rhythms to understand how vocal styles work.

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Finally, we completed our tour with a celebration of music on the 5th floor. We were able to learn about popular Candian artists, see what they wore and learned about the epic instruments that made their music iconic.


Goodbye Studio Bell, Thank you for all the lessons and experiences you have made with us.   

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