It was another year and another triumphant march in support of The Children's Cottage Society. This fundraiser is so important to us, as it speaks to our belief that children are creative, curious, independent, confident and capable. We want to encourage that capability in our community and help the children and families that are looking for support. This year, not only did we meet our $10,000 goal, but we were able to bring awareness through the participation of our incredible sponsors and families who truly made this event shine.

The March began at the Confluence Plaza in East Village with some fun face painting from our amazing educators and some fuel from Sunny Side Market as we prepared for the 3km loop around St. Patrick's Island.

Director Patty Kilgallon, kicked us off with a speech to explain how vital this March was, and how the money raised will impact the Children at The Children's Cottage Society.  The funds will assist in providing nutritious meals as well as help in operation costs to ensure children and families in need receive exceptional care.

With all the Little Monsters in tow and their supporting families, we began the March at the starting point. There was Mummies and Tigers and Bears "Oh MY"! All these children created their best monster costumes to stand out from the crowd!

The weather was perfect, and there was nothing but smiles down the line as we walked with 120 monsters and their families. Three little volunteers took charge and held the banner and directed the March.

We looped around the bridge, causing quite a stir while onlookers could not believe the mass of children happily marching in the hot sun to support other children.

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We marched our way back, sang songs and kept trucking step by step to our final destination. When we arrived, Lightning Ant Music School was warming up as they prepared to rock our socks off!

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The plaza then filled with the musical talent of the Lightning Ant band. Singing Old School Rock and contemporary Pop. They truly set the stage for all the little monsters to rock out!
The Lightning Ant played until the end of the event singing their hearts out for a full hour with thunderous applause at the end. These children shared their talent to spread the word and teach us that children who help children can have a voice and that voice can encourage change. A thank you to Travis from Mega3music who donated equipment to make this event special.

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We are so proud of our educators and supporters decked out in solidarity with our custom Wee Wild One's T-shirts. Together we show that we are not only a childcare centre, but are a family that supports one another and cares for the community around us. We spent the whole day accepting donations, face painting and directing all the attendees to the amazing activities! 

Joey Chinook also showed up with the best doughnuts! A tasty treat for all the little monsters to regain their strength and to party and dance after all their hard work.

Sprog and Sprocket created a dreamland in the middle of the plaza for all the little ones looking to burn off the sugar rush. They are a dream team and created a safe and playful space for all the children.

Family Freezed came down to show their support and to provide tasty fresh treats for sale for the occasion. In the hot sun, it was a must needed snack!

Thank you so much for all your help and support from the Little Monsters who made the event to the Educators, Sponsors and Families who supported us. We can’t wait to see you all again next year! 

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Wee Wild Ones