We have something for everyone! Most of these classes are unparented. No previous experience required. No pre-registration required - you are welcome to join at any time! 



PlaYoga is a kids yoga morning and afternoon program for children 2-5 years of age!

PlaYoga is an "alternative preschool" which runs for 2 hours in the morning. Parents are able to drop their children off while we play games, do fun animal and theme-based yoga, dance to groovy music, draw, create art, and learn. The program is based on the Reggio learning philosophy which incorporates "principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on the interests of the children". We promise to keep your kids engaged with a fun, upbeat and educational start to their morning!

*The unique part about this program is that we will be offering this program in English and French.

What to bring to PlaYoga: a water bottle + a little snack (no peanuts please!)

Drop-in $18    ||   8-Class Pass $125   ||   12-Class Pass $172    ||    Extra-Hour $10



Little Yogi's

A fun and creative kids yoga class for children ages 3-6! 

This 1 hour class aims to introduce children to yoga by teaching them postures in a bright and imaginative way! We use lots of themes to engage the kids in our yoga class… with an emphasis on animal postures, exploring countries, and sometimes even going to the beach for some surfing!

Children are taught basic fine motor skills in a Little Yogi’s class by learning postures through play and encouraging direction. We focus on developing attention span, patience, speech development, and positive social interaction with other children. We also work onbalance, breathing, and laughing a lot!

Creative themes, play, music, and dance are all a part of making this wonderful class a positive first-time-yoga experience for your child. We promise that there is never a dull moment in a Little Yogi’s class!

Drop-in $15 ||   8-Class Pass $105



Little Yahoo's

Little Yahoo’s is an awesome kids yoga class for ages 6-9!

This 1 hour class is everything parents could hope for in an extra-curricular activity… a fantastic, creative outlet for imaginative minds, non-competitive physical fitness, and developing great social skills with other children.  

Children between the ages of 6 and 9 lead busy and exciting lives… it is not only important to make sure that they are getting lots of physical activity and learning new things, but also to help them develop positive coping mechanisms that they are able to apply to situations in their daily lives. The last 10-15 minutes of a Little Yahoo’s class focuses on meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques that children can use at home, at school, or anywhere when they are feeling overwhelmed, angry, upset, or stressed. Our teachers also serve as great mentors for the children and encourage the kids to feel safe at yoga. We are always here to support them through their development!

Drop-in $15 ||   8-Class Pass $105



Little Omies

Little OMie's is a fun and relaxing class for children ages 10-12!

Encourage your child to practice yoga by introducing them to a Little Hippies Yoga Flow Class. This 60 minute class is designed for children ages 10 to 12 and focuses on learning more challenging yoga postures and a deeper practice as they begin to prepare for their teenage years.

Through posture, breath-work, meditation and games, students learn to incorporate the principles of yoga (balance, focus, flexibility and strength) into their school and home life. Specific attention is given to learning body awareness and working through muscle tightness.

Our class is a great way for kids to clear their minds of any stresses from their day, a chance to recuperate, ground themselves, and think clearly. This class is especially beneficially for children who are involved in athletic activity as it gives them a chance to stretch out and give their body some much needed attention. We specialize in yoga for dance, athletics, hockey, and gymnastics.

Drop-in $15 ||   8-Class Pass $105



Mom + Tot

For the movers and shakers... mom and tot yoga is the most fun you can have with your wiggly little ones!

Get your little one up and stretching with 1 hour of fun and playful yoga postures designed to make mom feel really awesome whilst also keeping your curious mobile tot engaged! Don't worry about leaving your kids at home, this class caters to the young ones who are up and moving around. For children ages 1-2 (or babies able to crawl).

Drop-in $18 ||   8-Class Pass $125



Family Yoga

Stretch, play and move as a family!

Yoga is good for everyone, so why not have a class where everyone can do yoga together? The entire family can enjoy a fun filled yoga class in a safe and stress-free environment. Family Yoga is a “kids yoga class” where the whole family can play. Children and parents can expect to learn and practice yoga poses through games and music. All ages welcome.

Come join the fun and see what we are all about!

2 - members Drop-in $18 ||   3- members Drop-in $26 || Multi-Class Passes Available