This training is for yoga teachers, school teachers, early childhood educators, specialty educators, doctors, therapists, and medical specialists, parents and grandparents, youth leaders, any one who works with children and loves be around children. 

Our Children's Yoga Teacher Training is designed to accommodate your schedule, goals and aspirations as a yoga teacher. This training will equip you to introduce yoga to children and lead engaging and safe classes. You will also learn about the anatomy of the poses and the variety needs children may have and how yoga can be most beneficial. 

To enrich your learning experience, we have collaborated with School Teachers, Paediatricians, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Parents, Kids, Behavioural Therapists, Yoga Teachers and Therapists, and many other professionals to bring you a wonderful program that will expand your knowledge and ability to teach children's yoga.

Why Wee Wild Ones Kids Yoga Teacher Training?

Wee Wild Ones is a children’s yoga company that offers yoga classes to children between the ages 2 - 12, teens, and families. All Wee Wild Ones yoga classes are integrative and open to children with Special Needs.
Wee Wild Ones is all about encouraging the healthy development of today’s youth for a more positive, strong, and healthy future. It is no secret that our society is currently struggling with conditions such as obesity, anxiety, and depression- all of which we can reduce by taking an “upstream” approach to health. By supporting children physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally through the Wee Wild Ones program, we hope to encourage the healthy development of children for a healthier and happier tomorrow.

Wee Wild Ones has taken into consideration the standards outlined by yoga organizations such as Yoga Alliance, and fellow kids yoga teacher training programs. We have designed this program to go above and beyond these expectations, creating experienced and creative teachers who are not only able to provide students with an amazing yoga experience, but who can also connect with these children and their families.  By taking the Wee Wild Ones Kids Yoga Teacher Training, you are not only becoming a “children’s yoga instructor”, you are investing in the well being of our tiny humans for future generations to come. We hope to set “the standard” for children’s yoga teacher training.


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