Settled Into Our New Home!

As of January 2nd we are now completely moved into our new space above the CNIB. We have so much more room and we are thrilled with how beautifully the space is coming together! Our nature preschool classes, playoga, and before/after care each have their own spaces to call their own. We are so grateful to our patient parents who were so kind and understanding during our long wait for the new space. All of us here at Wilder Kids Yoga Inc. look forward to a fantastic year here.

New Space Sneak Peek!

Thursday, December 14th we hosted a holiday concert / art show at our soon to be new location! The kids presented beautiful pieces of art work and the nature school children sang wonderfully. We are so grateful for the support of the families and our community. We hope you are looking forward to the new space as much as we are! Happy Holidays!

Halloween Fun For Families!

Looking for some Halloween fun to do with the family? Here are some ideas to help fill your weekend with plenty of spooky fun!



What: Spooky and fun science activities for the whole family

When: October 14th - 31st

Where: Telus Spark 

Cost: Adult (18-64) $19.95 + gst / Youth (13-17) $15.95 + gst / Child (3-12) $12.95 + gst

Ghouls Night Out

What: Heritage Park Halloween bash

When: October 26th - 29th

Where: Heritage Park 

Cost: Old Spirits (13+) $ 10.95 + gst / Little Ghouls (3-12) $6.95 + gst / Children 2 and under are free

Halloween Party at Westbrook Mall

What: Face painting and pumpkin decorating

When: October 28th & 29th

Where: Westbrook Mall

Cost: $2 donation to Cystic Fibrosis Canada


Making Healthy Eating Fun For Kids!

April 24, 2017 | Bryanna Chunyk - Written for Wee Wild Ones 

unnamed (1).jpg

Did you know that children develop their eating habits from a very early age. Studies show that children's eating habits are  formed at birth to approximately six years of age. The eating habits that are formed during this time frame can last a lifetime. Our initial relationship with food and healthy choices are learned and formed at such a young age and are often a result of watching our parents and caregivers. 

Here are some healthy ways to make healthy eating fun for children:

1. Offer a variety of choices. Offer a variety of choices for meals and snacks and always remember that you are in charge of the food supply kept stocked in the home. Offering choices in the fruits or vegetables served in a meal is a great way to have children included in the decision making process. Being involved empowers your child to make healthy food choices. Remind your child of why they are choosing these nutritious foods and keep the options colourful. Offer up some fun facts about the foods being served. Tell your child about the Vitamin K in carrots and how it helps with their bones, brains and eyes. Get creative and zest up their veggies with some creative dips, fun shapes and different textures.

2. Start a garden with your family. Children often learn from doing. Planting a garden is a great way to incorporate spending time with your family while growing your own nutritious foods. This is a wonderful way to educate and encourage children, demonstrating the importance of caring for the earth, where our food is sourced  and also teaching them about responsibility. This is a great opportunity to teach your child about the importance of eating healthy, clean, local and unprocessed foods.

3. Have dessert with dinner. Having dessert with dinner is a great way to take the reward out of your children eating everything on their plates or having dessert used as a bargaining tool. The novelty of having a dessert or treat after dinner will wear off if you include the dessert as part of their healthy meal. Fresh fruits, yogurt, chia seed pudding and banana bread are delicious examples of what can be offered as a compliment to any meal.

4. Grocery Shopping. Let children pick out a couple of healthy options at the grocery store that they would like to sample or include in a meal. It can take approximately 10-15 tries before a child accepts a new food. Introducing a new food into a meal that they already love can make this easier. Adding spinach to a wrap or chopped broccoli into their favourite casserole is a wonderful way to introduce a new vegetable without overwhelming your child with a new food. Making children feel a part of the process is fun for them. Let them participate from the grocery store aisles to the kitchen. 

5. Monkey see Monkey do. Children often role model what we do. Try to make healthy choices yourself, don't skip meals, drink plenty of water, eat at the table and take time to enjoy your meals. Our lives often revolve around busy schedules, eating on the run and social events. Try to be conscientious that food is not a reward. When food is introduced as a reward or sign of affection we may be teaching our child to cope with stress or other emotions with food. Try when possible to offer other means of rewards over food.

6. Lastly Remember Don't Stress. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and teaching our children about fueling their bodies with healthy choices can take time. Treats are okay in moderation. We all enjoy indulging in chocolate or cookies from time to time. Don't stress if your children aren't always reaching for the carrots or that apple. Often times coaxing, begging and bargaining can have the opposite affect of what we wanted to accomplish in the first place. We can win the healthy food fight by not stressing too much. If we act like healthy choices are the norm then often times they follow suit. Keeping your fridge and cupboards stocked with healthy food options is a great way to have your kids reaching for healthy choices on their own.

Thank you Mrs Katherine!

February 23, 2017 | Wee Wild Ones 

Our lovely Preschool teacher Ms. Katherine is leaving on maternity leave! We can't thank you enough for all your hard work with the preschool class of 2016-2017. We will miss you! And we look forward to a visit from you and your newest little bean in the Spring :)

Mrs.Kathrine Q&A

Q: Whats your greatest wish?
A: To make a difference in the lives of children
Q: What Super power do you wish you had?
A: To be invisible
Q: Who’s your favourite word, and why?
A: "Thank you"  It is such a great word to teach children about being grateful and a reminder for me to be thankful and grateful for all that people do for me.
Q: What is something your grateful for?
A: family
Q: What is something you would like to learn?
A: to teach yoga
Q: What’s your favourite Yoga posture and why?
A: triangle, love the stretch and it feels so good!
Q: What brings you back to your Mat and practice?
A: Whenever I am feeling stressed. I always forget how much of a stress relief yoga is for me and it helps keep me present.
Q: What are you most proud of?
A: Completing my masters of education
Q:Whats the nicest/cutest thing a child/student has said to you?
A:  "I'm going to marry Miss Skrien one day"
Q: What’s something you want to learn to do?
A: to teach yoga
Q: Favourite outdoor activity?
A: skiing
Q: Favourite Food?
A: grilled cheese sandwich
Q: Favourite Treat?
A: popcorn
Q: How do you practice Mindfulness?
A: Breathing in and out and remembering to live in the moment!
Q: If you had to use three words to describe yourself, what would they be?
A: Creative, Organized and kind!

Meet Mrs. Joanne!

February 15, 2017 | Wee Wild Ones 

As most of you know our Mrs. Kathrine is expecting her first little one in March. We are happy and excited for her and her new job as a Mom! She will be missed.
Mrs. Joanne has started working with us over the last month to transition into her new role. She comes with years of experience, and has taught for many years. We have lots to learn from her, and couldn't be happier to have her join our team at of the wild!
Here is a Q & A to get to know Mrs. Joanne a little more! 
Q: Whats your greatest wish?
A: My greatest wish is that I can make a difference in someone’s life.
Q: What Super power do you wish you had?
A: I would love to be able to fly and see the world. 
Q: Who’s your favourite word, and why? 
A: HOPE - it represents peace and happiness
Q: What is something your grateful for? 
A: My family
Q: What is something you would like to learn?
A: I would love to learn how to play the guitar
Q: What’s your favourite Yoga posture and why?
A: Savasana - great to clear your mind and let all the stresses of the day disappear
Q: What are you most proud of?
A: My  3 children - they are amazing!!!
Q: Whats the nicest/cutest thing a child/student has said to you?
A: After finding a quarter I asked a four year old, “What are you going to spend it on?” She replied, “ Oh, I won’t spend it - I am going to take it to church and give it to God. “What do you think God will do with it?”, I asked.  “Well give it back to the person who lost it of course!” she replied. ;) 
Q:  What’s something you want to learn to do?
A: I would love to be able to play the guitar.
Q: Favourite outdoor activity?
A: Biking and Hiking
Q: Favourite Food?
A: Fruit of any kind!
Q: Favourite Treat?
A: Dark Chocolate
Q: How do you practice Mindfulness?
A: Appreciating the beauty of little moments each day.
Q: If you had to use three words to describe yourself, what would they be?
A: Caring, Kind, Creative

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Weekend

February 6, 2017 | Amanda Kelly 

This weekend 10 incredible humans came together to become certified children’s yoga instructors– but they left with a whole lot more than just a teaching certificate.

They left with a new found sense of self, purpose and with a whole lot of love.
The thing I love about our trainings are that we don’t just sit around reading and and we definitely don’t try to stuff a bunch of knowledge into people’s heads- instead, we move right to the source: The Heart! (because that’s where all the magic comes from) We focus on the foundation of what makes great teachers: the teachers themselves. The rest of the learning always falls into place after that.
We had to pull up our socks and do some serious digging, but it’s amazing what you will find when you are willing to be vulnerable.
Before we got silly, we got right into the nitty gritty. We dove deep into the history and philosophy of yoga and uncovered our limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are those yucky inner thoughts that hold us back, that keep us trapped or stuck or out of touch with our best selves.
Once we were able to get real about what was holding us back, it was full speed ahead. Through movement, sharing and questions, we were able to build a real authentic foundation.

Dr. Jennifer Teasdale led an informative and hands-on anatomy portion of the training. 
And from there? We taught!  (and laughed too! …we always support the giggles in teacher training!)
I feel so honoured to have worked with such a bold, diverse and creative group! By the end of the weekend they were teaching more than just downward facing dogs and forward folds. They were teaching authenticity, connection and self-love. They were teaching Yoga. Because that’s what yoga is: Connection.
Look out world! You just landed yourself 10 incredible teachers- and they are going to change you in the best possible way! 
Next Training: June 16th-18th 2017

Happy Birthday Helen! Q&A with Chloe

February 3, 2017 | Wee Wild Ones 

We have an amazing team at Wee Wild Ones and Of the Wild Playschool. We are so lucky to have the pleasure to work with such inspiring, compassionate, and driven women.
Helen is a large part of what we are and will be at Wee Wild Ones. She is passionate about the kids, and bringing them love and light into their little worlds. We wish her a year full of love, laughter, and health. Thank you Helen for everything you do for us, and the #weewildones We are blessed to have you!
Happy Birthday! xo
We want you to know a little bit more about this gem Helen on her special day! We have asked Chloe, our Leader, to answer a few questions about Helen!
 Q: If Helen was an animal what would she be and why?
A: A Lioness - she is quiet but fierce and always calm.
Q: If Helen was a Yoga posture, what would she be and why?
A: Lotus pose - because she is grounded and beautiful.
Q: What quote makes you think most of her?
A: "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful, than the risk it took to blossom"
      Anias Nin
Q: What is Helen’s favourite thing to wear to work?
A: Legging (Duh!)
Q: Where in the world would Helen like to travel?
A: Africa!
Q:What do you love the most about what Helen does for us at Wee Wild Ones?
A: Her dedication to the kids and how much love she puts into everything she does. She has created the most magical space for the children and studio wouldn't be what it is without her. 
Q: What was your first impression of Helen when you met her?
A: She has great hair!
Q: What makes you the most proud to have Helen on your team?
A: How reliable and wonderful she is with the children. She makes sure every child feels at home at the studio.
Q: What is she the most passionate about?
A: Children and yoga
Q: When is the last time Helen went on a Holiday? And where?
A: I am not sure  but .... She is going to Austin this weekend for her birthday!!
Q: What is the yummiest thing Helen has made for the kids at the studio?
A: She made the cranberry crumble and it was in-cre-di-ble
Q: What inspires you about Helen?
A: How hard she works and how early she wakes up every morning!
Q: How long has Helen worked with you?
A: It was a year November 5th!
Q: What do you hope and dream for Helen?
A: That she achieves everything she has ever wanted and that she never forgets how loved and appreciated she is.