Nutrition and Health

A nutritious and balanced diet is a foundation for healthy growth and development. We do not take for granted the time children spend in childcare and the role we play in shaping children’s eating habits. We are committed to providing the children with healthy food and food choices.

Our menu offers varying food choices based on the Canada Food Guide requirements and standards with vegetarian alternatives. We provide nutritious snacks twice a day and lunch for children attending full-day programs. Notices posted if changes are made.

All meals are prepared from scratch in house by our Chef Maxine Anderson. Maxine has been leading, designing and managing nutrition programs in the Childcare industry 20+ years. Fresh produce are sourced and supplied weekly or bi-weekly.

Water is the beverage of choice. No juice or sweetened drinks are provided.

Nuts are strictly forbidden in the centre due to severe allergies and other food sensitivities.


190312 Food Guide-01.png
190312 Food Guide-03.png


The daycare will provide the following 4 week rotating menus. Infants & Toddlers receive Homo Milk, 3 years and up receive 2% |
(unless different requests are made by parents).

*Alternatives for Infants are provided, food may be Pureed.

*Every snack contains at least two food groups, every lunch contains at least three food groups.

Children with allergies or diet restrictions will be given alternative food choices (to the extent that we can accommodate).
Children can bring their own food or supplement their meals (please avoid bringing animal meat products and processed/prepackaged foods) .
All outside food must be labeled with the child’s name.

Children are given the option of having milk or water at each meal

We are a strict NUT FREE environment.

popcorn and whole grapes are BANNED by alberta health in childcare facilities as they pose choking risks.