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We climb trees, we sing loudly, we dance freely, we love mud, join us.

We are a place where your little ones can grow into earth loving citizens.


revolutionary learning

Of the Wild is an outdoor nature school for children aged 3-5. It is a preschool aimed at exposing children to experiences in nature to help them grow, develop and learn through an inquiry based approach. Children demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways. Inquiry promotes differentiation in learning and allows children to demonstrate their thinking at a rate that is developmentally appropriate

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AMBASSADORS for education

Educators will act as observers and researchers alongside the children to purposefully plan for future learning opportunities based on students’ questions, interests, and needs. The outdoor environment is more than just a place to play; it is the third educator in the program that helps spark children’s natural curiosity. Rain or shine, children are outdoors in the environment, their classroom.


CHALLENGE the industry

The way children acquire and gather information is continually changing. Changes to the learning environment will allow for students to learn through inquiry and focus their learning on relevant issues and ideas that are authentic to a children’s outdoor environment, society and culture. Children need to be engaged and connected to their learning and this is established through an outdoor and indoor environment that supports inquiry