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Piano lessons offer a variety of skills from fine motor movement, to music appreciation, self discipline and increased memory function, but above all of this, it is fun! We have something for everyone! Most of these classes can be unparented. No previous experience required. You are welcome to join at any time.

Spots available in September for partner AND private lessons. Afternoon, evening, and weekend openings - your student can even have their lesson while in after-school care!

All ages and levels of ability are welcome - we believe anyone can make music!

Contact Miss Carly lessons@cadencepianostudios.com for more information

Miss Carly Henry


Miss Carly Henry started playing piano at the age of 7. She was captivated by her neighbour’s ability to play and quickly decided it was a passion she wanted to pursue. Shortly after starting piano she was encouraged by her music teacher to not only pursue piano but vocal training as well. Joining the Cantare children’s choir while studying piano broadened her musical background.Throughout junior high and high school, Carly finished her way through grade 8 Royal Conservatory. She participated in many other studies as well, such as a duet exam and was awarded for one of her compositions. Her grade 5 and 6 years, she studied with Conservatory Canada, Contemporary Idioms and learnt more about composition and improvisation.

Once completing grade 8 through Royal Conservatory she studied Piano Pedagogy under Marian Parrott and achieved an Associate Piano Teacher’s Diploma through the University of West London. She was awarded high honours and a scholarship through the Alberta Piano Teacher's Association. As she believes lifelong learning is imperative to being an exceptional teacher, she went on to complete her Licentiate in teaching and a diploma in performance, also through the University of West London. Receiving high honours on these exams, as well as writing an essay on her teaching philosophy, she was awarded the 2017 Alberta Registered Music Teacher’s Association Pedagogy Scholarship. She believes that every life benefits from music and hopes to instill a life long love of music in every student she works with"