Frequently asked questions

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Where are you located?
10 11a ST NE Calgary, we are on the 2nd floor -our entrance is on the North Side of the building via the garden.
Do classes run every week?

Yes! We have classes running all the time! Please check the schedule for details, or call (403) 926-5469 so that we may help you find a class near you!
How do I pre-register my child for a class?
You can pre-register your child for a class by calling (403) 926-5469 or emailing
How early should I arrive before class?
Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class to allow time for your child to change clothes if needed, put away personal belongings, and put their mat in the studio. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class if your child is new to our studio as we will need you to fill out a consent form.
Do you have yoga mats at the studio, or should I bring one?
 We have lots of yoga mats at the studio that the kiddos are welcome to use. Please feel free to bring your own yoga mat if you have one!
What should my child wear to yoga?
Kids should dress in comfortable, athletic gear. Stretchy/ loose shorts and a t-shirt is perfect. They just need to be able to move around.
What should my child bring to yoga?
 Please bring a yoga mat (if you have one), a water bottle and a smile!
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, cheque, etransfer, Visa, and Mastercard.
Do parents attend the yoga class?
 We typically discourage parents from coming to class with their child (unless you are attending a family/ parent + child specific class together!). Take an hour to have a break, grab a coffee, and relax! We like our yoga classes to be a space where kids can go a bit crazy, relax, get creative, and develop good social skills. We find that children respond differently to our classes when their parents are present. However, parents are welcome to accompany their child to the first yoga class if the child is anxious about trying a new activity. Parents (or an aide) of children with physical and/or mental special needs are always welcome to come to class to assist their child. We also host family and community classes at other studios around the city. Please see the schedule for details.
What should we do when we get to the studio?
Place your shoes and belongings by the front door. We lock the studio during class so they will be safe and sound! Bring your yoga mat and water bottle into the classroom and pick a spot to put your mat. Your teacher can help you if the mat is too big to carry!
When should I be at the studio to pick up my child?
 Please arrive promptly after class to pick up your child. You may wait in the front seating area, or even take a peek in the studio if you like. Please feel free to come in and ask the teacher any questions after the yoga class has finished.
Can children with special needs attend any class or just the Specialized Yoga Classes?
Children of ANY and ALL capacities are welcome to participate in any class. We ask that a parent or aide come along for at least the first few sessions until the child becomes comfortable.